Tips & Insights — 16 June 2017

Is it cloud or bust for businesses?

“If you do not embrace the possibilities, the potential, of what’s going on in the cloud, within two or three years you are more or less out of business.” Bob Mols, Exec Vice President of Customer Service, KPN.

Recent research from Europa found that 1 in 5 enterprises in Europe used cloud computing in 2016. So if you aren’t one of these 4.6 million businesses using the cloud to speed up and simplify workflows, is now the time to ‘go cloud or go bust’?

That’s a question we explored with KPN, the biggest Dutch telecoms provider in the Netherlands, at this year’s Digital Dutch event. According to Eelco Osinga, their Director of New Business and Focus Sales, for some companies – particularly those working with rigid, outdated legacy systems – the benefits of the cloud aren’t always clear. Until they start using the cloud that is!

Eelco says, “There are some issues companies aren’t aware of, but when you start using cloud tools you become aware of the issues that are there; you are too slow, not ahead of the competition and you cannot trust the data you are using.”

IT is becoming increasingly user led, with devices arriving in the workplace from outside, and also apps and technology that’s being used every day is arriving into the workplace. The speed with which a business can adapt when agility and flexibility of cloud comes into play also means compliance, data management, legal, security and privacy requirements can also become easier to manage.

Watch the video to hear more from KPN and find out from Dropbox’s Vice President of EMEA Sales, Philip Lacor why companies will “start losing market share and diminish” if they don’t embrace the cloud.



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