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15 September 2017 — 2 min read

The cloud: enabling speed and consistency in University research

When we last caught up with Dropbox customer Dr Tiago Branco, a Neuroscientist at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, he told us the cloud is helping he and his team significantly speed up their research. And when you’re in the complicated business of understanding how and why the brain computes innate decisions, speed is everything.

Ever asked yourself why you do the things you do? Why did you make that split decision, and not choose the other path? Every decision we make – good or bad –  is made in a fraction of a second by a large organ at the top of our necks. The brain.

While it may be complex to understand, people like Dr Branco have a dedicated team all trying to determine why our brains cause us to make the decisions we do.

As Dr Branco put it at the Dropbox Connect event in London: “We look at how the brain uses the information that is available to you, and your past experiences, to inform and make a decision.”

For Tiago and his team, the nature of their research, and the speed at which the brain makes sense of information, means they are always searching for the most efficient and collaborative tools to record test results. “It sounds pre-historic now but two years ago we were emailing Word documents with track changes on,” this he says slowed down the research project. Now he says, “we use Dropbox and Dropbox Paper; we’ve tried pretty much every solution out there and this is by far the best”.

To hear more from Dr Branco about how and why he uses the cloud to improve speed, consistency and collaboration amongst his research team, watch the video above. Also, find out how Dr Branco and his team use Dropbox Paper in their lab here.

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