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21st Jul, 2017 — 2 min read

Why the cloud is key to meeting customer expectations

Cloud technology isn’t something only useful to businesses. Consumers have come to almost depend on the cloud for their daily use of applications – often without knowing it. Whether its listening to music on-demand, backing up holiday snaps or shopping for groceries on their mobile phone, approximately 3.6 billion internet users will be using cloud services by next year.

As consumers, we have now come to expect the same flexibility and simplicity of cloud technologies we use in our personal lives, to transcend into our work life, as employees, and into our interactions with brands, as customers.

Onno Koole, Marketing Director at De Boer Structures agrees. We spoke with him at this year’s Dropbox Connect event in Amsterdam, where he told us organisations not adopting the cloud will only be able to maintain customer satisfaction for so long: “As the customer grows accustomed to cloud solutions – not just from competitors, but in their person life at home - they will start to miss this in their working relationship with a company.”

According to Brendan Bell, Director at 72andSunny, as demand for digital technology grows the cloud is going to become a necessity for companies wanting to meet customer expectations: “There isn’t one point where it’s going be too late but what you’ll see is a steep learning curve, where companies that haven’t adopted the cloud will be that much slower,” he says. “It’s not just the speed, but also the level of collaboration, input and creativity – the cloud is going to be a necessity for people in the future.”

To hear more from Dropbox Connect Amsterdam attendees, and why James Chowen, Cloud Project Manager at Liberty Global believes the cloud can help businesses be more productive, watch the video above.

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