Tips & Insights — 2 June 2017

How the cloud has levelled the playing field in business

According to Vincent Everts, one of the leading technology trendwatcher’s in the Netherlands, the cloud has changed everything for businesses.

Dropbox, he says “was one of the first companies to get the cloud inside organisations… and now it’s a good integrated tool, that everyone uses all over the world in a very effective way.”

He told us at last month’s Digital Dutch event in Amsterdam that accessibility of the cloud – and its ability to help businesses collaborate, scale and grow – has levelled the playing field.

“In the early days, the cloud was only for the big companies, now everyone has access and it’s essential to transforming business processes.  It allows you to deliver a much better product, at half the cost, in a much more profitable way.”

Vincent calls it, “the new way to get IT in a much easier, flexible, and cheaper way”, and his advice for organisations not using the cloud is simple. “You don’t need to be or to hire an expert anymore, you just need to get connected to the suppliers that can take you on the road to digital transformation – it’s essential or you’ll be out smarted by the competition!”

Watch the interview above with Vincent if you need a little inspiration on why you should be taking the leap into cloud technology.

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