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20th Jun, 2017 — 2 min read

Creating “The Collectors” in the cloud

At MoJoCon last month we saw first-hand how the cloud is revolutionising journalism. We heard from cameramen, documentary makers and journalists about how they are using the latest innovations in mobile technology to report news, in real time, from the front line.

Someone who understands the value of Mobile Journalism (MoJo), its flexibility and the technology driving it is Eleanor Mannion, RTE Documentary film maker.

At MoJoCon she took time out to tell us about the role the cloud played in helping her create documentary “The Collectors” - one of the first documentaries to be shot completely on an iPhone. She says, “Although I was in New York by myself filming in Time Square, I was able to go back to my hotel room and upload the documentary footage straight to Dropbox.”

Eleanor’s producer Jean Devlin said it was easy to then review the footage Eleanor had shot, comment on it, and determine what else she needed to capture. According to Jean that was a first. Normally in a producer role, she says, “you send somebody abroad to film, and you’re don’t see the rushes until they come back.”

To hear more from Jean and Eleanor about the making of “The Collectors”, and the role the cloud played in making it happen, watch the video above, filmed entirely on an iPhone!

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