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13 March 2017 — 2 min read

Designit chooses Dropbox to simplify the way people work

Global strategic design firm Designit has put collaboration at the heart of its business since starting up in 1991. And a quarter of a century on, you’ll find they have expanded with offices in Europe, Asia and America, boasting numerous international clients.

But for a company born in an analogue age, what’s the secret to success? According to them, it all comes to down their company culture: “radically simplifying processes” whilst giving employees the “freedom to work in the way that they want”.

As Mikal Hallstrup, CEO and Founder of Designit puts it, “Right from the start, we centralised everything.  The earliest examples of collaboration at Designit are found in two friends, just out of design school, creating a small network of computers around a central hub.  We began connecting to Ethernet and gradually moved from the primitive to a smarter sync/collaborate system.”

As a company that uses technology to transform human needs into products, services and experiences that improve the way people live, work and do business, Mikal wanted the team to practice what they preach. “We started to build a collaborative culture 25 years ago; connecting our employees with technology, moving to Dropbox ensures we will continue to cultivate that culture.”

Now, with 480 employees working across 13 global offices, connecting people and simplifying the way people work is core to the company’s productivity and flexibility.  Mikal continues, “We founded our company on a strong belief in collective creativity – there’s no such thing as one design king. Design is an extremely team-based process and the products and services we design are made through true collaboration.  That’s why Dropbox fits so neatly into our culture.”

We were told Designit are using Dropbox to formally centralise their IT system, making it easier to share, collaborate and save time.  The agility of the solution has enabled them to hold on to their culture that employees work how they choose to.  “We are being strategic and explorative in our approach; we know that Dropbox is much more than EFSS”, Mikal says.  “For instance, we are using Paper, and have weaved its capabilities in across different teams in multiple locations.”

Paper, Hallstrup says, is “pure usefulness and usability”.

To find out more about Designit and Dropbox – including how Designit are using Dropbox and Office 365 together – click here.

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