Future of Work — 4 January 2017

Do what you do best, let digital do the rest

Responsible for a massive 47% of all private sector turnover, small to medium sized businesses are making a big impact on the UK economy. So at Drop Everything, we’ve set out to discover what’s making an impact on them.

For a double-whammy of insight, we spoke to MBJ London – an expanding SMB that helps other SMBs grow through digital. They broke it down like this…

“Small businesses really can be big if they have the right digital strategy” says Michelle Laterman, Executive Director at MBJ London. Providing ‘websites as a service’, rather than a one-off purchase, MBJ has revolutionised the small business approach to digital marketing in two key ways.

First, by developing bespoke websites without asking for a large upfront investment, they help small businesses reach and engage a wider audience online, in a way that’s affordable from the get-go.

Second, by managing all of the ‘digital stuff’, from system back-ups to security and SEO, they remove the burden from companies that are busy trying to grow.

And how does MBJ harness the power of digital to get on with their day job? Well that’s where Dropbox comes in.

MBJ’s success relies on collaboration. Between web designers and project managers, the in-house teams and the client. Dropbox enables the team to focus on designing client solutions, knowing the ‘logistics’ of actually working together, and collaborating on projects, will be seamless.

What’s more, Dropbox provides “scalability”, something in line with MBJ’s own plan for growth, as they begin to open offices in Europe and America. “You get a whole team, from different places, different time zones, and everyone is working towards the same goal, in the same file!” explains Michelle.

Now that truly is ‘growth by digital’.

You can find out more about MBJ London’s use of all things digital by checking out the video above. And remember, we love to hear about small business success, so share your story by contacting us on bloguk@dropbox.com.

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