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9 February 2017 — 2 min read

How global collaboration creates great coffee

That great cup of coffee in your hand didn’t happen by accident.  Will Young, President at Campos Coffee knows only too well how much goes into selecting the perfect blend.  “I run my business from the savannah in Kenya, from the hills of Ethiopia, from a river in Rwanda; and it’s amazing the decisions I’ve made whilst being on a two-person canoe!”

Using Dropbox Business, Campos has created a collaborative workflow which allows Will to travel Africa sourcing the best beans, whilst keeping up to date, and on top of, everything back at the office. Tasting notes from the lab can be accessed from the car – or canoe – and purchasing decisions made then and there.

“I need to collaborate with the producers, with the shippers, with the roasters – every single pair of hands that touches the product. We used to have to wait for weekly reports to come to us through email. With Dropbox Business, we get updates daily and can track our stores’ performance or fix problems so much faster. It really helps us manage the entire company more effectively” Will says.

To find out more about how Campos has used Dropbox to communicate with coffee producers across the globe, watch the video above.

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