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2. August 2017 — 3 min read

The key to digital transformation: Collaboration and education

The Netherlands has a long and successful history of innovation. In 1608, Dutch inventors Zacharias Janssen and Hans Lipperhey from Middelburg developed the world’s first telescope, Cornelis Drebbel constructed the first submarine in the 1620’s, and even Bluetooth and WiFi have Dutch roots.

So, when it comes to forward-thinking innovation, the Netherlands is a key player. And now, as the world finds itself amidst a fourth industrial revolution – digitalisation – the Dutch have set themselves up perfectly to be a world-leader. According to the European Commission, the country ranks 4th in the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017, ranking highest in connectivity, while the countries digitisation of Public Services is among the most advanced in the EU.

This is why KPN, the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands, launched Digital Dutch; an event that brings together businesses to educate and inspire them to embark on their own digital transformation journeys. And, apart from being a great event - that brings together all different types of businesses wanting to do great things - we were particularly excited to attend knowing it had been organised using Dropbox.

At this year’s event Eelco Osinga, Director of New Business and Focus Sales, told us: “Digital Dutch is the main event for organisations to learn from each other, to learn about one company’s journey in digital transformation and what it brought to their customers, so that the other company can serve their customers much better.”

When it comes to digitalising work processes, KPN doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. To organise such a large event like Digital Dutch, the company relied on cloud tools like Dropbox Business for collaboration: “I can honestly say this level of organisation wouldn’t have been possible without a tool like Dropbox Business. We had to work with 25-30 people every day, we needed to share all our content and all our data on a minute by minute basis. If you don’t want to pick up the phone for every change, no doubt about it, you cannot do it without a tool like Dropbox.”

When we asked Eelco what he would tell those businesses yet to consider beginning their own digital transformation journey, his answer was simple: “The [customer] expectation is quite high-level nowadays and if you’re not able to go digital all the way, then you’re losing out. You won’t make it.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Eelco about Digital Dutch 2017. Also, to hear from Vincent Everts, one of the leading technology trendwatchers in the Netherlands and keynote speaker at the event, on how the cloud has levelled the playing field in business, click here.

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