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21st Jun, 2017 — 4 min read

Music connects the world, collaboration creates music

Music is the one, true international language we have. Present in every known culture, it’s been connecting generations with a common passion for thousands of years. And at Dropbox, we believe through connecting people, incredible things can happen.

At the 2017 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, we talked to artists about creative collaboration, and how for nearly every musician mentioned that technology enabled them to work in real time with others, broadening their thinking and embracing new ideas. It is playing a critical role in connecting all those involved, in bridging the gap between team-mates in different locations, ensuring artists are doing the best work, creating the best music.

So this ‘World Music Day’ we're celebrating collaboration in music and finding out from some of our customers from the music industry what collaboration means to them:

Douglas Boyd, Artistic Director, Garsington Opera

Garsington Opera in Buckinghamshire has just ten full-time employees, but during summer, that number swells to over 300 as they put on spectacular shows, from a secluded field, in the English countryside. Recently, inspired to break the pattern of opera only being accessible to a privileged few, Artistic Director, Douglas Boyd pioneered a partnership that created a single folder link, which is used to produce the file so that thousands of online viewers can access, view and enjoy it - without making the trip. When we asked what collaboration means to him, Douglas said:

“Excellence and collaboration are at the heart of everything we strive for at Garsington Opera and we care a lot that opera is accessible to all audiences. So we were really excited to make our productions available online for a wider audience.”

Hauschka, Composer, Lion

One of the latest epics to hit our silver screens this year, ‘Lion’ had six 2017 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Original score. Hauschka, who composed the score alongside Dustin O’Halloran, told us he was approached in Australia to co-write the soundtrack. Not that simple though. The challenge as it turned out was that he was returning to Germany, while his co-composer was in L.A, and the film’s director was stationed in Oz! So Hauschka explained that because he was collaborating with people across continents, a tool like the cloud proved vital in the successful creation of the score. Telling us what collaboration means to him, Hauschka said:

“A lot of times collaborations have been battles for me, but as an individual artist in a trusting collaboration, I’ve realised there’s an awesome possibility to grow. You learn from each other and it helps you get a new perspective on your own work. It’s like watching yourself with a spyglass from above.”

Ta-ku, musician/photographer

Regan Mathews, better known by his stage name Ta-ku, is an Australian musician, producer, photographer and all round creative thinker. Last year, Ta-ku collaborated with Dropbox to launch ‘In Residence’, a week-long creative residency, which exhibited Ta-ku’s photo series ‘Songs To Make Up To.’ He also hosted several talks with other creative thinkers - like educators from the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, chef Dan Hong, and aspiring musician Kuren. We asked him what collaboration means to him:

“Collaborating with creative thinkers and up and coming talent, and doing events in a different forum, allows people to think differently, as well as myself.”

What’s clear is that behind the songs that are connecting people - and making the world a smaller place - is a team of people, working collaboratively and using technology to create those musical connections. The future’s most certainly looking, and sounding, very bright!

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