Customer Stories — 6 February 2018

mytaxi rebrand: “…the marketing equivalent of raising the Titanic with a tiny team”

Imagine you’re the CMO of a large international business. Now imagine that you must merge with another large international business. Finally, imagine you need to complete the rebrand, redesign, localise, market and ship your new look in just 16 weeks with only a small team. That was the challenge facing mytaxi, the black cab app after its acquisition of Hailo.

“It was the marketing equivalent of raising the Titanic,” says Gary Bramall, Chief Marketing Officer at mytaxi. “We had to combine mytaxi, famous in Germany with Hailo, a household name in Ireland, the UK and Spain. The goal was to bring these two businesses together and create a billion-dollar business. The problem was we had just four months.”

The massive project involved major stakeholders from 11 key territories across Europe, design agencies, development teams and it all demanded seamless collaboration. As any marketer will tell you, campaigns and projects of this magnitude work best when everyone is on the same page. This can be particularly difficult when members of the team are in different locations, have vastly different skills, experiences and ways of working.

Dropbox Business and Dropbox Paper were the platforms at the heart of the project, helping orchestrate multiple teams across Europe, collating the feedback and ensuring each element stayed on track and inside the deadline by providing a single source of truth. “We had the Dublin team and agency working on the rebrand. A design team in Hamburg working on redesigning and localising the app for all our markets. The volume of feedback was eye-watering,” explains Roisin O’Brien, Head of Marketing at mytaxi.

Watch the video above as we went behind the scenes with mytaxi to find out exactly how the marketing team were able to accomplish this incredible achievement, launching the rebrand within an extremely tight schedule.

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