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5. April 2016 — 2 min read

Secure in the cloud (#5)

“We’re two blokes in the middle of the Atlantic. We have oars, a satellite phone, two GoPros, some freeze-dried food, a Dropbox Business subscription and Justin Bieber on repeat. Home is miles away. Barbados, our target, is miles away. We’ve met sharks and whales, 30 foot waves and had near misses with three gigantic cargo ships. This is our Dropbox journey to the cloud.”

Our journey to the cloud continues; but it’s making everything we’re feeling x1000. Hungry – hungrier than we’ve ever felt. Exhausted – training could never replicate the sheer wipeout you feel after a long night of rowing.

Happiness or comedy – seems so much funnier, or more wonderful here, than anywhere else on earth.

One of the things we’ve made an absolute mantra is the thought that this is, truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We constantly remind each other that we’re never going to do this again, and that thought is literally a game changer, every time.

The other thing that’s so powerful on the mental front, are messages from home and our support team. Twice a day we check Dropbox Business for news, pictures and messages from our families, girlfriends and crew. I can honestly say it’s what keeps us safe and smiling.

The fifth of our Tempest Two series which follows the boys on their Dropbox sponsored journey across the Atlantic.

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