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8. June 2017 — 2 min read

The Small Business that grew by throwing out the org chart

What audibene does is special, very special; its mission is to use digital to change the way hearing care is brought to people, no matter where they are in the world.

And it’s a company that’s grown, fast. Starting out a few years ago as a small business in Berlin with just a handful of people, the founders are now operating in ten different countries managing a workforce of nearly six hundred.

So, what’s the secret behind the success? According to Co-Founder, Marco Vietor, it’s down to three things: having a good idea –  and one you’re passionate about, building your business on collaboration, and leveraging partnerships.

Marco says “It was a key decision that we made very early on, that we would run this business in cooperation with local partners. We use digital outreach to find the people who need us the most, we introduce them to their closest audiologist, then we bring them back to us when it’s time to supply a hearing aid. We didn’t see any sense in reinventing the wheel, building up additional infrastructure, which already exists.”

And he’s stuck to his word. To date, the company collaborates with over three thousand audiologists across Europe, the US and Asia –  and with collaboration at the heart of everything they do, Marco says it’s a model they can scale.

When it comes to technology, he told us they’ve thrown out the traditional way of working: “We have 580 people and there is no org chart of this company. We don’t have departments, we have teams, and helping people work together on specific content topics is a key requirement to be fast, to be agile, and to be customer orientated as well.”

He adds, “I’m fundamentally convinced, that you can’t change people and therefore when it comes to IT solutions, I believe they should be easy to use, I believe they should be intuitive and they should be in line with what people are used to. And therefore I believe that Dropbox is a very good example for delivering such a solution.”

You can find out more about the incredible audibene story on the website here, but first, have a look at the video we recently made with them.

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