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9. November 2016 — 3 min read

The SMBs investing in agility to make their businesses grow faster

While business growth is the primary aim of most businesses, it brings with it many challenges. For an SMB, growth usually necessitates having to free up some capital to invest in new resources; whether that’s new technology, a growing workforce, or additional office space.

So the key question at this point is: how do you invest in the right technology that sets you up for the future, regardless of how, where and how big your business grows?

Markus Waitl has just been through this process. A member of the developer team for Absolventa – a job portal which supports university graduates in finding their first job and building on their career – Markus found himself trying to manage a failing internal server infrastructure.

“Basically, we’d outgrown our internal infrastructure”, he says. “Hard disks had started to fail, and with each failure we’d lose important data. For a while, we gave it an enormous amount of servicing time, trying to keep things going, but looking back it was a very risky solution. What we really needed was a reliable and trusted solution which would keep our data secure.”

The company turned to Dropbox Business because so many employees were already familiar with the interface, having used personal accounts – sometimes for work related projects - for quite some time.

Markus says, “The transfer was seamless and we immediately achieved the extra storage we desperately needed. Alongside this, it’s re-assuring that unlike our old server, more is available at the click of a button, from anywhere with an internet connection. It creates greater flexibility and mitigates the need to spend every working hour in the office. We’ve also found added value using Dropbox Paper to share knowledge, and keep track of projects, both internally and externally with clients and partners.”

Time saving is another big bonus. Tasks like servicing file servers, backing up data and recovering lost files have become a thing of the past says Markus. “The responsibility has been shared among each employee; they can store their data in Dropbox Business and easily recover files without IT support. Not only does that mean we mitigate the need for IT support on site but the risk management factor has completely fallen away because we can track everything back – that’s definitely a firm footing for future growth.”

And talking of growth, Markus says he’s able to put the time he’s saved back into business development, which is important for innovation, progress and – yes, growth.

“My advice to other companies is that if you’re looking for a reliable file sharing enterprise solution, that can grow with your business, and at the same time enhance collaboration among employees, then Dropbox Business is the partner you’ve been looking for.”

To find out more about Absolventa visit their website

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