Digital Dutch

Industry Stories — 2 August 2017

The key to digital transformation: Collaboration and education

The Netherlands has a long and successful history of innovation. In 1608, Dutch inventors Zacharias Janssen and Hans Lipperhey from Middelburg developed the world’s first telescope, Cornelis Drebbel constructed the first submarine in the 1620’s, and even Bluetooth and WiFi have Dutch roots. So, when it comes to forward-thinking innovation, the Netherlands is a key […]
Tips & Insights — 16 June 2017

Is it cloud or bust for businesses?

“If you do not embrace the possibilities, the potential, of what’s going on in the cloud, within two or three years you are more or less out of business.” Bob Mols, Exec Vice President of Customer Service, KPN. Recent research from Europa found that 1 in 5 enterprises in Europe used cloud computing in 2016. […]

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