Retail — 25 November 2019

How Exotec Solutions is solving one of retail’s biggest challenges

Online retailers like Amazon have permanently tilted the playing field. Next-day delivery is now a must, and it means fulfilment centres are at the centre of an escalating arms race for speed and perfection in the delivery process. The good news is that advances in robotics and AI are making it easier. One robotics company […]
Fixing the broken workplace - State of Collaboration - Dropbox Business
IT — 11 November 2019

Your guide to fixing the broken workplace

As we approach the end of the year, budgets and planning are high on the agenda. Questions are no doubt being asked about where to invest, scale back, and how the business is going to hit next year’s objectives and beyond. As business leaders, you have to think holistically about business enablement, strategic investments in […]

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