Future of Work — 8 November 2018

Inspiring creativity in your teams: 5 tips for leaders

  Most of us take the same journey to work, sit in the same seat in the office and attend the same weekly meetings – so we can be forgiven for not thinking unconventionally. But what if your job relies on creative thinking and solving some of the world’s biggest problems? To find out, we […]
Tips & Insights — 25 September 2018

IT Hero: Jason Black, CIO IT Transformation at Post Office

No industry is exempt from increasing customer demand, not even Government-owned businesses like the Post Office. So, when the Post Office decided to roll out a massive End Point of Sale (EPOS) project refreshing more than 25,000 counters in 11,500 branches across the UK, Jason Black (one of four CIOs at Post Office) had his […]

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