Sundance Film Festival

Dropbox News — 17 January 2018

Dropbox at Sundance Film Festival 2018

Bringing a story to life on the big screen is a monumental undertaking. From the initial idea to writing the script, casting actors to finding the crew, all of it takes immense resolve, grit and intense collaboration. It is the pinnacle of artistic expression and creative energy and it is exactly what festivals like Sundance […]
Industry Stories — 16 August 2017

Sundance London: a festival designed in Dropbox Paper

“If a writer sits down in front of a blank page, they can create any world they imagine. Dropbox Paper is the digital version of that typewriter. I can imagine not just films but new festivals and new ideas for the way we see films, being created through Dropbox Paper.” – Jon Barrenechea, Festival Producer, […]

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