IT — 16 February 2017

Top Ten Digital Innovation Tips – from IT Leaders, for IT leaders

“Digital is not just about a set of technologies, it’s about a mind-set, agility, speed, and collaboration – all four things are critical.” Rob Holtom, Head of Digital Innovation, BT

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Welcome to the ‘age of the employee’, an era where digital’s become ‘must-have’, as employees start demanding more flexibility, and greater agility. And workplace technology is the enabler here, creating huge opportunities for businesses wanting to grow faster and more securely.

For IT leaders, it presents a chance to become true workplace superheroes – attracting the best talent, enabling collaboration, and creating employee happiness by providing employees with the right tools and services to do their job.

But, how do you embrace the ‘age of the employee’? We’ve heard stories of IT leaders standing still, letting the world pass them by, and, on the other end of the scale, tales of those who’ve implemented change too quickly.

We all need a starting point, that’s why we’ve created these top-ten tips, from IT leaders – for IT leaders – on embracing, and implementing, digital innovation strategies in the workplace.

Share their journey, explore the challenges they’ve faced, and discover their advice for overcoming your own. Whether it’s convincing the board to back you financially, understanding the needs of your workforce, getting buy-in for your next IT investment, or encouraging user adoption for new tools, these tips will help you embrace digital innovation in your workplace.

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