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24th Jul, 2017 — 2 min read

Top Tips for implementing cloud in your organisation

Digital transformation sounds scary, it’s a bit daunting too. In fact for many, the idea of any kind of transformation inside a business is proving terrifying. How much will it cost? What solutions should you invest in? How will these solutions be integrated? For 2 in 5 (44%) organisations, a lack of knowledge about the cloud is a primary challenge preventing or slowing cloud adoption in the workplace.

With companies launching every day with digital at their core - how can you integrate cloud technologies, without becoming overwhelmed, or overwhelming your employees? We caught up with cloud implementation experts at this year’s Dropbox Connect Amsterdam event to find out.

For Onno Koole, Marketing Director at De Boer Structures, it’s all about taking a step back and focusing on the functional use cases for technology inside the business. “Often people look at purchasing IT solutions before they look at the functionality of that solution - that is a danger.” Instead he says you should look at the “pains and gains from a functional point of view before you start looking into specific IT solutions.”

Brendan Bell, Group Brand Director at 72andSunny agrees. As long as a company can identify the problem, such as wanting to be more productive and efficient, then you can find the right solution to adopt: “If you’re focussed on what the problem is you’re trying to solve, no matter how big or small, you can identify the solution to fix it.”

For James Chowen, Cloud Project Manager at Liberty Global it’s about reassuring people that technologies like the cloud are not as new as they might think, and explaining the value they can have when implemented. “What people don’t realise, and what we try and explain, is that they are probably already using the cloud without realising it. We ask them if they stream live music on iTunes or Spotify, then explain that’s a cloud service and you’re using it without realising it. We try and make people focus on what the solution can do for them, rather than how it’s implemented – that’s key.”

To hear more from attendees at this year’s Dropbox Connect Amsterdam, watch the video above.

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