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7. July 2016 — 2 min read

Your invitation for a ‘Better Together’ workplace

Our world is full of great things.

Things that make life better, things that entertain us, things that make us more money. And on the whole, we just accept they’re there, letting them work the way they work, taking them all for granted.

But then sometimes, someone, somewhere, takes two great things and puts them together, gets them to collaborate, makes them work ‘better together’.

And that’s when they go from great, to amazing.

Stan Laurel was great, but with Hardy he was amazing.

Take a smartphone, put a camera inside it, and bring to life an amazing new generation of social interaction.


The same rules of 'better together' apply in the workplace. Look at Microsoft, something used by over 1.2 billion people. Look at Dropbox, the largest repository of Office documents in the world. Universally loved, individually great, but working together, amazing.

Dropbox and Microsoft teamed up almost two years ago with the mission of helping our shared customers unlock greater value from their workplace tools and applications. Millions are benefiting, and for many, the Dropbox and Microsoft 'better together' approach is becoming an essential thing for long-term success.

And we’re now inviting you to the Dropbox + Office 365 webinar, on Thursday 14th July, where we’ll explore how this 'better together' partnership can drive your business collaboration, your productivity, and your ROI on your software investments.

Click here to register, and we'll see you on the 14th!

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