Customer Stories — 11 December 2019

How the IT team at this digital-native retailer enabled risk-free growth

One of the greatest challenges for IT teams is scalability at speed. At Picnic, a rapidly-growing online retailer turning the grocery model on its head, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Daniel Gebler, and the rest of the leadership team knew that, in order to compete with established brands and create a scalable business model, they’d […]
Retail — 4 December 2019

How legacy retailers can meet consumer expectations

Author: Natalie Berg, Founder of NBK Retail All retailers like to think of themselves as customer-centric. The problem is that customer-centricity is no longer good enough, you need to be customer-obsessed. Retailers need to follow the customer and genuinely put them at the heart of their strategy. Be aware of your rivals but infatuated with […]

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