Industry Stories — 10 May 2017

How to build your digital shop window

Toni Horn and Julian Baladurage, Dropbox customers and Co-Founders of MBJ, are leading a fast growing company responsible for helping dozens of small businesses ‘go digital’. Julian, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, says many people are losing customers by underestimating the impact a good web presence can have on their business. While Toni adds “most don’t realise it’s our modern-day shopping window.”

That’s why the pair set up WaaS, a unique way to design, build and manage websites, in late 2015.

With many small businesses finding it hard to start their digital journey, they developed a mission to make it easy for any business, no matter how new or old they were, to have a strong website presence. Their idea has grown from concept, to small business, to a mid-sized global business with 20 employees and three offices worldwide.

According to Toni, digital has helped level the playing field, enabling small businesses to think big and compete with the big players in the industry: “What this new digital age has enabled us to do is source the best talent and knowledge for whatever we need. Be that Dropbox for file sharing or MBJ for creating a website.”

His advice, and the mantra at MBJ, is for business owners to focus on what they do best and let digital do the rest. If you want to compete and grow your business faster you must “take a leap of faith and go digital – to find your customers, to find your clients, and to really connect with them online.”

You can find out more about MBJ’s story on the website here, but first check out the video we recently made with them.

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