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28 July 2016 — 2 min read

Cloud Collaboration: “Enabling people to be better at their jobs”

Collaboration has always been part of the workplace.

We do it everyday; people with shared goals working together to achieve things faster, and better.

It’s like Alex Figaro, Business Analyst and Project Manager at Chelmsford City Council says: "Collaboration can lead to innovation… it’s part of evolution.”

But in 2016, how’s it being used in business?

In the old days collaboration used to be defined as people sitting at a table, or chatting over coffee, scribbling across a whiteboard, or gathered around a phone.

And that’s still relevant, although technology today allows us to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, and at anytime. It opens new horizons. But workplaces are still adapting to this new collaborative pace and boundlessness.

It's crucial for broadcasters like Channel 4, according to their Chief Information Security Officer, Brian Brackenborough: "Channel 4 being the company that it is, we have to collaborate with a large number of companies throughout the world. We have to share information safely and securely, but in a way that’s transparent to the end user – they just want to be able to do their job."

For Michael Cook, Head of Transformation at Thames Water, cloud adoption is crucial for collaboration: "What greater cloud adoption does, is it enables people to be better.”

Take a look at how these organisations view the value of collaboration whilst at Dropbox Open in London, and also hear from Andrew Douglas, the co-founder of iMed-trust.

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