Industry Stories — 5 December 2017

Powering the renovation of the Hoover Building

With demand for quality housing high in the UK, the potential market for a construction company capable of delivering high-quality homes is huge. And, when these projects materialise, development companies want to work with businesses they can trust.

So, when the renovation project for the Hoover Building in London came along, IDM Properties was well placed not only to win the contract, but to deliver exceptional homes for its new residents.

“We were delighted to get the Hoover project,” says Jonathan from IDM Properties, “and then the reality of the project dawned on us. It is a grade two star listed building, we would need to be completely committed to a redevelopment in line with the building’s listing. Therefore, maintaining focus on the regulations and stipulations imposed upon us was critical, and collaborating on Dropbox made it far simpler.”

Keeping everyone involved in such a large and important project was not going to be easy. Working with Dropbox IT partner IP6net, IDM was able to find a solution which kept partners, contractors, architects and sub-contractors all on the same page, focused on the delivery.

“Fortunately, IP6net introduced us to Dropbox Business and we had been using it to manage projects for a while,” says Jonathan. “Keeping everyone informed and working in the right direction is as simple as creating a shared folder. Everyone is always working on the latest architectural drawings and all the on-site teams are kept in sync as the project progresses.”

To find out more about how IP6net is helping IDM Properties renovate the Hoover building with the help of Dropbox, watch our video above.

Alternatively, if you are a reseller and interested in selling Dropbox, visit our partner portal for more information.

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