Future of Work — 29 November 2016

Using digital to make your small business big

Millions of SMBs in the UK have been founded in the age of the internet. Why? Because previously large companies, armed with big budgets and plenty of man power, were dominating the market. Then, along came technology which levelled the playing field; opening up a world of business opportunity to SMBs and budding entrepreneurs.

Right now, there are 5.5million SMBs in the UK, all with the same opportunity to take advantage of the digital tools and collaboration technology that allows them to turn their passion, into a profitable business.

Michelle Ovens, Director of Small Business Saturday, champions digital tools, saying they’re incredibly important for small businesses wanting to ‘punch above their weight’. We caught up with her – and some small business owners from the London leg of the Small Business Saturday bus tour – to find out how, and why, digital tools can make your small business big.

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