Industry Stories — 25 January 2017

Using digital to punch above your weight

It’s 2017, Small businesses needn’t be perceived as small.  They needn’t act small.

With our commitment to supporting small businesses, we’ve spoken to many SMBs about how they use cloud to level the playing field – making business size irrelevant.

It was interesting to hear how many people said digital helped them become players on all levels, whether working at home, keeping team sizes small or competing against much larger organisations.

Using cloud technology effectively removes the glass ceiling – allowing businesses of any size to think big.

As Matthew Quinn, Director of 401 says, “We need big scale work and big scale projects, and part of our sell is to say it’s easy for us to scale up.”  Mandy Bagot, founder of digital accounting firm Cloud Bookkeeping agrees, saying the cloud has, “allowed us to think bigger”.

You can find out more in our video above. And please, if you’re a small business with a great story to tell, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

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