IT — 29 September 2017

What kind of marketer are you?

Marketing campaigns work best when everyone’s on the same page. But that can be a challenge when you and your colleagues have different skills, experiences and ways of working.

That’s why we’re launching Marketing Dynamix, a new personal development test built on the very latest Big Five personality modelling research and designed to help marketing professionals work better together to achieve marketing success.

In just 12 minutes, you can discover the true you, helping you to:

  • Enhance your personal awareness and effectiveness
  • Understand the impact of your natural working style on colleagues
  • Read and adapt to different personalities and behaviours
  • Understand how to manage and how you like to be managed
  • Build stronger relationships and influence with senior colleagues

Your customised results will give you actionable insight, advice and recommendations that you can apply immediately and use to improve your personal development and professional reputation. What’s more, you can invite your marketing colleagues to take the assessment, and receive insight into how everyone on the team can work together more effectively.

So, take the Marketing Dynamix test and team up for marketing success!

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