Customer Stories — 11 December 2019

How the IT team at this digital-native retailer enabled risk-free growth

One of the greatest challenges for IT teams is scalability at speed.

At Picnic, a rapidly-growing online retailer turning the grocery model on its head, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Daniel Gebler, and the rest of the leadership team knew that, in order to compete with established brands and create a scalable business model, they’d have to bring teams and processes together in a single workspace.

The key to scalability

With the company going from idea to 3,500 employees in three years, the IT team recognised early on that the key to scalability was to build in the cloud.

“Picnic has ambitious goals,” explains Daniel. “We want to create a grocery shopping experience that is completely different to anything on offer by competitors; we want to rapidly expand this new offering to new areas; we want to be able to pool and analyse data so decisions can be made quickly; and we want to do it all in an environmentally-friendly way.”

Basing itself in the cloud, Picnic has been able to work together in new ways, accelerating new ideas to market, and forging powerful cross-functional and supplier relationships.

How did Picnic scale so fast?

“We do it by head-hunting the best minds for the job,” explains Ruben Vermijs, Picnic’s Digital Lead. “We foster a working culture that inspires innovation, we negotiate reimagined ways of working with our suppliers, and we build in Dropbox Business.”

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Scaling in Dropbox Business

Picnic uses Dropbox Business to align dispersed teams and share information with employees, suppliers, and customers in real-time. Its relentless focus on up-to-date information and a single source of truth empowers the executive function to make critical decisions while empowering the wider business to respond to customers at the speed of thought.

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